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If England souvenirs had a face, would it be the Queen’s? Presented in Serenity blue, one of two Pantone colors of the year 2016, this decorative wall plaque features her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. It comes a bit too late to be included in the Queen’s 90th birthday souvenirs, but it could still be included.

A super limited 22collectiv edition, only 22 copies will be made available for purchase.

Materials used in creating the piece are jesmonite and lacquer.

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Her majesty Queen Elizabeth II has in our day turned into quite the cultural pop icon, something she would have never envisioned when she first took the throne all those decades ago.
Many established names in the art world have tried their hand at this popular motif, some being commissioned while others just found inspiration and felt compelled to conjure something up around this blue blooded muse.

Much like pop-artists Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Claes Oldenburg used everyday imagery to create something new, yet comfortably recognizable, using color, size and repetition, 22C has created a fresh and colorful rendition of the all-to-well known bust. There have of course been many of these made throughout her reign, some causing considerable stir and chatter, while others have been subjected to outright mockery. We took inspiration from an early period bust, depicting a youthful queen wearing a modest crown but still the same, leaving no doubt as to her status.

As work progresses and pieces take shape, you begin to identify aspects and if thus inclined make observations of the sources of inspiration. Perhaps the dripping effect could be called a slight nod to the great abstract expressionist painter Jackson Pollock­? We leave that for our audience to decide but hope that we have managed to bring out a piece of artwork which brings life and joy to the walls on which it will be hung.

Keywords: #popart #Queen #royalty #dripping #blue #art #design #Elizabeth #bust #profile #icon



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Dimensions10 x 3 x 17 cm

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